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Holy Sheist

Get in, get the grail and get out! 

Go through these charming halls of cardboard and paper, learn about your fellow Knights and cause havoc in these handmade halls. Explore castles, fight guards (AGAB), and steal the Holy Grail! 

Who are we?

Part of a small community of young professionals, Carla Cruz, Cesar Gonzales and Andres Sanchez joined forces on January 2021 to take part in the Game Jam from our home island of Puerto Rico. Carla took charge as Technical Artist; Cesar Gonzales took the seat as the lead Programmer; Andres Sanchez focused on the creation of assets and Textures. Having created a project they were all very proud of, they've continued to work on it throughout the months to have something unique, interesting and to show their parents that their interests are not a waste of time (This might be a self reflection from Andres, Though.) 

Meet the Knights'

Through the magic of literal crayons and markers, our Heros and villains were born! Varied designs and colors, there's sure to be one that suits your style. Who knows, maybe they even have their own special quirks and ways to adventure?

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